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International Journal for Constitution and Development of Law (IJCDL) is open accessible, peer-reviewed, quarterly published e-journal which provides a platform to promote research in the field of Study of Constitutions all over the world and timeline and scope of development of law systems as an integrated subject, thereby generating a cross-current of ideas over the matters.

The erudite response of legal luminaries shall be solicited to enable readers to explore challenges that lie before lawmakers, lawyers, and the society at large, in the Constitutional Law and development of law.

International Journal for Constitution and Development of Law (IJCDL) calls for unique and unpublished research papers, Short Notes, Book Reviews & Case Comments, for VOLUME 1 ISSUE 1.

Submissions on Rolling Basis

Authors Will Be Provided:

A Soft copy of the Certificate of Publication.

Rs 150/- for the hard copy of the certificate. (plus any extra charges, if any)


Alternative Dispute Resolution.

Publication Details

In the current status, cost is to be paid fir the publishing of the manuscript.


• For Author Guidelines Click here.

• Any uniform method for citation should be followed. (Bluebook 20th ed.)

Word Limits

  • Long Articles (3000-8000 words)
  • Essay/Short Notes (1200-3500 words)
  • Case Briefs and Legislative Comments (1200-3500 words)



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